Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Just a quick hike...

    We have had the incredible pleasure of having PJ's cousin with us for the last 2 weeks. The day after Christmas, we decided to go for a "quick hike", his first since arriving. We chose a short, 3(ish) mile loop at a beach located on base called Tarague Beach. I placed quick hike in quotes for three reasons;

1. A hike when children become unwilling to continue without dragging their feet and telling you how miserable they feel as many times at they can is never quick.

2. A hike which cuts through the jungle "somewhere around here" and meets the main road "somewhere up there", is not quick.

3. A hike which infringes on lunch time feels as if it will never end. 

And so, just like that, our 3(ish-in theory) mile loop became close to a three hour outing.

View from the road leading down to Tarague

Another overlook 

There are many of these velvety black butterflies with beautiful bright blue markings on the top of the wings all over Guam

Checking out a school of fish

Bubs thought he wanted to get up on the rock with Josh

He quickly figured out that he did not

Maddie happily braved the climb

These little guys are all over and Grant has finally made his peace with them

Maddie and PJ walking out to the reef

Josh happily obliging the camera while PJ and Maddie snub it

    The refreshing water and beautiful views were enjoyed prior to the jungle portion of the trek which was also filled with beautiful views, thousands of spiders, thick mud, evasive trails,  and eventually a long walk down a hot asphalt road.