Monday, February 14, 2011

25 Truths and One Lie

On the drive to church this morning we may or may not have seen the following;

1. A cow tied to a tree
2. A lizard as long as my leg
3. Hundreds of black butterflies
4. 1 dead boonie dog and several live ones-one which tried to chase our car for a short distance
5. A Chinese school
6. A family sharing breakfast in the back of a driving truck
7. Two shirtless, bare-headed men with flip flops riding motorcycles
8. Fresh fish for sale on the side of the road
9. An outdoor swap meet
10. Two beautiful bays
11. Kmart
13. A rainbow
14. A burned-out building
15. A BMW dealership
16. A car driving against traffic on the wrong side of the road
17. A billboard advertising a ‘miracle crusade’ this weekend
18. Dense jungle
19. Huge goats
20. Chicken lean-tos and chickens in a front yard
21. Random roosters strutting along the side of the road
22. A bright purple house
23. A Mormon church, Catholic church, Baptist church, Lutheran church, Episcopal church, ba’hai faith center
24. A veteran’s  cemetery
25. A Louis Vuitton store
26. Two McDonald's

Which of these is a lie? I will leave it to your discretion.


  1. I say there was only one McDonald's.

  2. I'm going with BMW dealership cause I think a high performance car is a waste on a small area island. :)

  3. I believe the obvious choice would be the family sharing breakfast in the back of a driving was parked wasn't it.